Group Number of Active Member Monthly Based on Games TurnOver Referrals I
Sportbook No Term & Condition 0.25%
Livecasino No Term & Condition 0.15%
Slot No Term & Condition 0.15%
Cockfight No Term & Condition 0.25%
Poker No Term & Condition 0.15%
RNG No Term & Condition 0.15%
Fishing No Term & Condition 0.15%
  1. All members can join the promo.
  2. The referral bonus is not valid for members who still follow extra bonuses & freebets.
  3. The percentage level of your commission is determined based on the number of TURNOVER members of your downline every month.
  4. There is no maximum or minimum limit on how much you want to invite new members, the more members of your downline the more profit you will get.
  5. Every new member is required to fill in your referral ID code.
  6. The referral ID code can be viewed from the MY ACCOUNT menu contained in the Profile.
  7. We offer the best products such as: C-Sport, I-Sport, O-Sport, Live Casino, Slots, Loterry, Poker.
  8. Referral commissions will be calculated and given at the beginning of the month on the 5th
  • Cockfight / Lottery 0,25%
  • Sportbook 0,25%
  • Live Casino 0,15%
  • Poker 0,15%
  • Slots / RNG / Fishing 0,15%

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